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We offer comprehensive advice in conflicts linked to family law. The many aspects implicated in family and inheritance cases require personalized study of each situation in order to be able to adequately evaluate the civil, commercial, fiscal, and even criminal implications.


We provide personalized advice that is effective and precise in both the legal and strategic arenas, analyzing all possible means of resolving issues. We give preference to negotiation, but turn to legal proceedings when negotiation isn’t possible, always prioritizing the quickest and most economical solution in the interest of our clients.


Family law: prenuptial agreements; marital settlements; paternity claims; legal separation; divorce; marriage annulment (civil and religious); domestic partnerships; matrimonial property regimes; adoptions, legitimation and emancipation; non-payment of support; failure to comply with judicial decisions related to matrimonial proceedings.


Estate law: wills; declarations of intestate heirs; acceptances of succession; asset liquidation; claims to inheritance and other inheritance proceedings.